Past Monthly Kit Instructions

Monthly Kit Instructions 2018-2023
Special Release Collections
December A Night at the Met Deluxe A Night at the Met Lite A Night at the Met G2G A Night at the Met ALCM
November Trattoria Deluxe Trattoria Lite Trattoria G2G Trattoria ALCM
October Scandinavia Deluxe Scandinavia Lite Scandinavia G2G Scandinavia ALCM
September Orchard Deluxe Orchard Lite Orchard G2G Orchard ALCM
August Lagoon Deluxe Lagoon Lite Lagoon G2G Lagoon ALCM
July Vintage Botany Deluxe Vintage Botany Lite Vintage Botany G2G Vintage Botany ALCM
June Pattern Play Deluxe Pattern Play Lite Pattern Play G2G Pattern Play ALCM
May Adirondacks Deluxe Adirondacks Lite Adirondacks G2G Adirondacks ALCM
April Cherry Blossoms Deluxe Cherry Blossoms Lite Cherry Blossoms G2G Cherry Blossoms ALCM
March Delft Deluxe Delft Lite Delft G2G Delft ALCM
February Succulents Deluxe Succulents Lite Succulents G2G Succulents ALCM
January Color Me Happy Deluxe Color Me Happy Lite Color Me Happy G2G Color Me Happy ALCM
2016 Kits
December Shades of Winter Deluxe Shades of Winter Lite Shades of Winter G2G Shades of Winter ALCM
November Paradise Deluxe Paradise Lite Paradise G2G Paradise ALCM
October Literature Deluxe Literature Lite Literature G2G Literature ALCM
September Garden Shed Deluxe Garden Shed Lite Garden Shed G2G Garden Shed ALCM
August Sunflowers Deluxe Sunflowers Lite Sunflowers G2G Sunflowers ALCM
July Office Space Deluxe Office Space Lite Office Space G2G Office Space ALCM
June Boardwalk Deluxe Boardwalk Lite Boardwalk G2G Boardwalk ALCM
May Creative License Deluxe Creative License Lite Creative License G2G Creative License ALCM
April Dahlia Deluxe Dahlia Lite Dahlia G2G Dahlia ALCM
March Paris Flea Market Deluxe Paris Flea Market Lite Paris Flea Market G2G Paris Flea Market ALCM
February Crewel & Unusual Deluxe Crewel & Unusual Lite Crewel & Unusual G2G Crewel & Unusual ALCM
January Celebrate Deluxe Celebrate Lite Celebrate G2G Celebrate ALCM
2015 Kits
December Navigation Deluxe Navigation Lite Navigation G2G Navigation ALCM
November Moroccan Spice Deluxe Moroccan Spice Lite Moroccan Spice G2G Moroccan Spice ALCM
October Big Top Deluxe Big Top Lite Big Top G2G Big Top ALCM
September Transformations Deluxe Transformations Lite Transformations G2G Transformations ALCM
August Woven Strands Deluxe Woven Strands Lite Woven Strands G2G Woven Strands ALCM
July Cantina Deluxe Cantina Lite Cantina G2G Cantina ALCM
June National Parks Deluxe National Parks Lite National Parks G2G National Parks ALCM
May The Blues Deluxe The Blues Lite The Blues G2G The Blues ALCM
April Botanicals Deluxe Botanicals Lite Botanicals G2G Botanicals ALCM
March 50s Kitchen Deluxe 50s Kitchen Lite 50s Kitchen G2G 50s Kitchen ALCM
February London Calling Deluxe London Calling Lite London Calling G2G London Calling ALCM
January Constellations Deluxe Constellations Lite Constellations G2G Constellations ALCM
2014 Kits
December Reunion CS Reunion Lite Reunion G2G Reunion ALCM
November Lakes CS Lakes Lite Lakes G2G Lakes ALCM
October Homestead CS Homestead Lite Homestead G2G Homestead ALCM
September Blueprints CS Blueprints Lite Blueprints G2G Blueprints ALCM
August Cinema CS Cinema Lite Cinema G2G Cinema ALCM
July Oopsie Daisy CS Oopsie Daisy Lite Oopsie Daisy G2G Oopsie Daisy ALCM
June Picnic CS Picnic Lite Picnic G2G

Picnic ALCM

May Dungarees CS Dungarees Lite Dungarees G2G Dungarees ALCM
April Hydrangeas CS Hydrangeas Lite Hydrangeas G2G Hydrangeas ALCM
March Trees CS Trees Lite Trees G2G Trees ALCM
February Big Deal CS Big Deal Lite Big Deal G2G Big Deal ALCM
January Graffiti CS Graffiti Lite Graffiti G2G Graffiti ALCM
2013 Kits
December Aspen CS Aspen Lite Aspen G2G Aspen Project Card Caddy
November Fire & Ice CS Fire & Ice Lite Fire & Ice G2G Fire & Ice Project Note Card Case
October Lock & Key CS Lock & Key Lite Lock & Key G2G Lock & Key Project Key Cabinet
September Take Wing CS Take Wing Lite Take Wing G2G Take Wing Project Flip Photo Easel
August Tribal CS Tribal Lite Tribal G2G Tribal Project Concertina Book
July Wisteria CS Wisteria Lite Wisteria G2G Wisteria Project Card Cache
June Hopes CS Hopes Lite Hopes G2G Hopes Project Musical Hope Chest
May Cape Cod CS Cape Cod Lite Cape Cod G2G Cape Cod Project Seaside Memory Book
April Spring Chorus CS Spring Chorus Lite Spring Chorus G2G Spring Chorus Project Photo Keeper
March Bookshelves CS Bookshelves Lite Bookshelves G2G Bookshelves Project Card Keeper
February Up, Up & Away CS Up, Up & Away JR Up, Up & Away G2G Up, Up & Away Project Art on a String
January Random Doorways CS Random Doorways JR Random Doorways G2G Random Doorways Project Hidden Doorways
2012 Kits
December Bright Lights, Big City CS Bright Lights, Big City JR Bright Lights, Big City G2G Bright Lights, Big City Project Expanding Calendar
November Equestrian CS Equestrian JR Equestrian G2G Equestrian Project Saddle Bag
October Peacock CS Peacock JR Peacock G2G Peacock Project Double Proud Brag Book
September Serenity CS Serenity JR Serenity G2G Serenity Project Shutter Box
Serenity Shutterbox Project Video
August Bold Blooms CS Bold Blooms JR Bold Blooms G2G Bold Blooms Project Bloom in a Bottle
July Sorrento CS Sorrento JR Sorrento G2G Sorrento Project Photo Tote
June Bon Appetit CS Bon Appetit JR Bon Appetit G2G Bon Appetit Project What's Cooking?
May Wild Flowers CS Wild Flowers JR Wild Flowers G2G Wild Flowers Project Bead Bound Book
April Come Sail Away CS Come Sail Away JR Come Sail Away G2G Come Sail Away Project Ship's Log Book
March Tahiti CS Tahiti JR Tahiti G2G Tahiti Project Flip Flop Photo Frame
February Full Circle CS Full Circle JR Full Circle G2G Full Circle Project Memories in the Bag
Pizza Box Tower
January Navajo CS Navajo JR Navajo G2G Navajo Project Tri-Pane Album
Navajo ALCM
2011 Kits
December Aurora Borealis CS Aurora Borealis JR Aurora Borealis G2G Aurora Borealis Project Mini Fat Book
November Tilescapes CS Tilescapes JR Tilescapes G2G Tilescapes Project Perpetual Desk Calendar
Tilescapes Card ALSB
October Comfort Zone CS Comfort Zone JR Comfort Zone G2G Comfort Zone Project Espresso Memory Book
September Orient Express CS Orient Express JR Orient Express G2G Orient Express Project Pendant Express
August Versailles CS Versailles JR Versailles G2G Versailles Project ATC Display Case
July Just Dandy CS Just Dandy JR Just Dandy G2G Just Dandy Project On the Go Organizer
Just Dandy Card ALSB
June Dream in Color CS Dream in Color JR Dream in Color G2G
May Papillon CS Papillon JR Papillon G2G
April Welcome CS Welcome JR Welcome G2G Welcome Card ALSB
March Raku CS Raku JR Raku G2G
February Comics CS Comics JR Comics G2G Comics Card ALSB
January Lotus Pond CS
Lotus Pond Gilded Lily
Lotus Pond JR Lotus Pond G2G Lotus Pond ALCM
Lotus Pond CST Project
2010 Kits
December Vogue CS Vogue JR Vogue G2G
November All That Jazz CS All That Jazz JR All That Jazz G2G
October Scholarship CS Scholarship JR Scholarship G2G Scholarship Card ALSB
September Adobe CS Adobe JR Adobe G2G
August Arts 'n Crafts CS Arts 'n Crafts JR Arts 'n Crafts G2G Arts 'n Crafts Club Stamp
July Destinations CS Destinations JR Destinations G2G
June Expressions CS Expressions JR Expressions G2G
May Blossom CS Blossom JR Blossom G2G
April Gratitude CS Gratitude JR Gratitude G2G
March Sonoma CS Sonoma JR Sonoma G2G
February Castaway CS Castaway JR Castaway G2G
January Jubilee CS Jubilee JR Jubilee G2G Jubilee Project Party in a Box
2009 Kits
December Ornamental CS Ornamental JR Ornamental G2G
November Solstice CS Solstice JR Solstice G2G
October Natural Resources CS Natural Resources JR Natural Resources G2G
September Birds of a Feather CS Birds of a Feather JR Birds of a Feather G2G
August Apothecary CS Apothecary JR Apothecary G2G
July Memoirs CS Memoirs JR Memoirs G2G
June Concrete Jungle CS Concrete Jungle JR Concrete Jungle G2G Concrete Jungle ALCM
May Henna CS Henna JR Henna G2G
April Pure & Simple CS Pure & Simple JR Pure & Simple G2G
March Common Threads CS Common Threads JR Common Threads G2G Common Threads ALCM
Common Threads Project Card
February Artifacts CS Artifacts JR Artifacts G2G
January Gimme a Ring CS Gimme a Ring JR Gimme a Ring G2G
2008 Kits
December Milestones CS Milestones JR Milestones G2G Milestones ALCM
November Mirror, Mirror CS Mirror, Mirror JR Mirror, Mirror G2G
October Private Eye CS Private Eye JR Private Eye G2G Private Eye Project
September Cyprus CS Cyprus JR Cyprus G2G Cyprus Scroll Book
August Cruisin' CS Cruisin' JR Cruisin' G2G
July Matrix CS Matrix JR Matrix G2G
June Haberdashery CS Haberdashery JR Haberdashery G2G Haberdashery ALCM
May Body & Soul CS Body & Soul JR Body & Soul G2G
April Generations CS Generations JR Generations G2G Generations Project
March Avant Garde CS Avant Garde JR Avant Garde G2G
February Bridges CS Bridges JR Bridges G2G
January A Study in Red CS A Study in Red JR A Study in Red G2G
2007 Kits
December Sparkle CS Sparkle JR Sparkle G2G  
November Serengeti CS Serengeti JR Serengeti G2G
October Great Outdoors CS Great Outdoors JR Great Outdoors G2G
September Be Still CS Be Still JR Be Still G2G
August Academy CS Academy JR Academy G2G
July Bistro CS Bistro JR Bistro G2G
June Chapter One CS Chapter One JR Chapter One G2G
May Simply Beautiful CS Simply Beautiful JR Simply Beautiful G2G
April Stratosphere CS Stratosphere JR
March Rhapsody CS Rhapsody JR